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A selection of Paul's paintings are currently available to purchase, details HERE

Although Lavenham Contemporary is closed at the moment, after the 15th June we will be able to welcome you back. As a start, we will be happy to see you by appointment. Please do contact us either at Lavenham Contemporary on 01787 249451, or through the Lion House Gallery 01787 249616 We can be flexible with appointment dates and times to suit you.

Paul Evans, artist

Decades of familiarity has enabled artist Paul Evans to showcase nature in all her glory. But it is his innate skill, and this sense of place, that allows him to incorporate the sounds, smells and atmosphere of one specific moment which is most impressive. So many artists paint landscapes, but for Paul it is not just about bringing to life the scene set out before him. He has taken an age-old subject and enables us to be part of it, to see it through his eyes as our senses become alert to his vantage point.

Paul Evans is a rare artist. He manages to lift you out of the confines of your own life to be transported next to him, perceiving the land through his eyes. For a few moments we too step back and watch the scene before us fall into focus and perspective. Captivating and honest, Paul's vision allows us to find ourselves at one with nature, and finally discover our own true sense of place.

Watch Paul at work in these videos: (double-click to see full-screen

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